Start your next Adventure with an off-road trailer tent

Go wherever you want in style and comfort!

Completely UK/EU Compliant.

Lone Wolf Camping is a small UK family run business in the middle of the country, importing and upgrading “Off Road” Trailer Tents to UK specification, each trailer is individually made to the buyers specification/requirements.

NEW to the UK, the Australian-style, forward-folding camping trailers will take you wherever/whenever you want. Designed for the Australian Outback, to go anywhere and stay in comfort.

Quality: All the trailers are UK compliant with DVLA IVA Certificates, high quality materials with quality design enabling long lasting use

Value: High range of options already included and a large range of additional add on’s available to ensure the customer gets the trailer o their dreams.

Each trailer is individually made to order to the customers specifications, this can result in a twelve week lead-in time.

UK Wide Service: We can deliver any where in the UK or the trailer tent can be collected form our base.

Friendly Staff: Our staff have a vast knowledge of our products and can help with any queries you have, our staff know each and every trailer tent as we are the people who work on them.

Deposit: All that is required to order your trailer tent is a list of your requirements/options and a 25% deposit.

Unfortunately due to increased shipping costs, pricing and delivery times will need to be confirmed when ordering

Lone Wolf Camping
Lone Wolf Camping4 weeks ago
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He who does nothing consents.
Lone Wolf Camping
Lone Wolf Camping2 months ago
Been back a week now, wishing we were still there. Morocco
Trailer tent, ute and camping car pod with Canopy. They were both brilliant never faulted, travelled through ice/ Snow, rain and heat. No electric required completely off grid
for 19 days with not issues. 5000 miles Road, Mountain, Beach.

So now is the time to grab a bargin, the Trailer tent is now being sold as EX Demonstration at a discount price

PM for further details
Lone Wolf Camping
Lone Wolf Camping2 months ago
Morocco customs - brilliant- big scanner lorry, passport control then the customs

All cupboards opened, floding tent open, ute canopy doors open and ute doors, all searched and dog checked

No hassle all done politely and with a smile, no hassle

Then to the atm for money and the little office for the rest insurance

All about 1.5 hrs very pleasant experience

Now off to adventure
Lone Wolf Camping
Lone Wolf Camping3 months ago
Just about to land in Morocco four a short visit
Lone Wolf Camping
Lone Wolf Camping7 months ago
Lone Wolf Camping
Lone Wolf Camping
Lone Wolf Camping7 months ago
We're off again to the Adventure Overland Show at Stratford-upon-Avon, Race course, 16/17 September 2023

We will be taking our Adventure GT demo Off Road Trailer Tents, Australian style UTE Camper Canopy concept demonstration vehicle, off road camping/vehicle electrics, our exciting Sea Sucker range as well as our usual range of equipment

Hope to see all our existing and future customer there for the weekend or just the day

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Sleeps 6 (ish)

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